FluidFi’s Unique Offering — Why Would You Ever Want to Use an Exchange Again?

The Race for the Mass Market

2021 has been an excellent year for crypto in general. The total cryptocurrency market capitalisation doubled from $1 trillion in early 2021 to $2.3 trillion — and for a brief time even touched $3 trillion in November last year. But not only have prices for digital assets increased dramatically, also the general awareness of the digital asset and blockchain space has seen new heights, including new promising use cases based on decentralised finance (DeFi) and NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

The Contenders

Who do I think are these players and how are they approaching this problem?

The different industry players in crypto, trying to attract “normie” customers.
The strengths and possible expansion strategies of the various crypto industry players.

Why FinTechs Struggle to Compete

Banks, “Neobanks”, and FinTechs that want to leverage the potential of crypto and want to offer their customers the ability to invest in digital assets are forced to integrate with exchanges and OTC desks.

  • Time: The door-to-door money movement between FinTechs and exchanges still takes a long time instead of seconds which are what crypto people are used to.
  • Agility: Banks and FinTechs are slow movers compared to crypto-native companies. Complex processes already in place make adding offerings associated with digital assets becomes challenging.

FluidFi’s Unique Approach — Going From Your Bank Account to Crypto and Back in Seconds

FluidFi’s approach is different, though, as they built their very own link between both worlds. Their infrastructure is following a best-of-breed strategy. Having integrated with Currencycloud — the same back-end partner used by Revolut and Klarna — allows them to offer their users all necessary banking features and full compatibility and compliance when it comes to receiving and sending FIAT funds globally.

A look at FluidFi’s current user interface.
FluidFi’s user flow from FIAT to crypto and back. Source: FluidFi

A Superior Offering for Customers Worldwide

FluidFi’s position is unique as they are not taking shortcuts with half-baked integrations but instead decided to go the entire way, offering comprehensive banking services and building the missing link to the crypto world ourselves. They can provide almost free accounts and unmatched speed and convenience when it comes to going in and out of crypto positions.

FluidFi’s competitive positioning. Source: FluidFi



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